Vampire Facial In Winter Garden, FL

Vampire Facial In Winter Garden, FL

At Imagine Medspa in Winter Garden, FL, we offer the popular Vampire Facial, a skincare treatment made famous by Kim Kardashian in 2013. This treatment involves the use of PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), which is derived from your own blood, to rejuvenate your skin and boost collagen production.

The Vampire Facial process begins with microneedling, a minimally invasive procedure that creates tiny injuries in the skin with micro needles. As a result, growth factors are released and ramp up collagen production, the building block of a firm, youthful complexion. After microneedling, your own PRP serum is applied, providing an enhanced penetration due to the microchannels created earlier.

Experience rejuvenation like never before with a Vampire Facial at Imagine Medspa in Winter Garden, FL. Don’t wait – book your appointment now for a fresher, younger-looking you!

Benefits of the Vampire Facial at Imagine Medspa include:


A Vampire Facial is a treatment that uses your own PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) derived from your blood, combined with microneedling to rejuvenate the skin and boost collagen production.

PRP, or Platelet-rich plasma, is a serum obtained after separating your blood into distinct layers. It contains a high concentration of platelets and growth factors, key components of the body’s natural healing system.

A Vampire Facial can greatly benefit people looking for improvements in acne scars, skin texture issues, fine lines, wrinkles, and even stretch marks.

Downtime is usually minimal, but individual experiences may vary. After the Vampire Facial procedure, patients should avoid direct sun exposure and strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

Some patients see immediate results, but optimal results typically appear in 2-3 months as collagen production increases.

The results of a vampire facial can last as long as a year. However, we recommend having the procedure every 6 months for optimal results.

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